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What's Your Gut Telling You?

Over time our digestive system changes so food sensitivities can happen later in life with foods you've eaten your entire life. The best way to identify which foods are creating inflammation is with a food sensitivity test.

With a small sample of hair, (yes hair!) gutChek identifies:

  • foods causing inflammation in your digestive system
  • a list of metals/toxins you are absorbing
  • any nutritional deficiencies you are currently experiencing

After ordering you instantly receive an email to get started!

Within 10 business days you receive an email with a downloadable detailed PDF of your results emailed to you.

We test on:


  •  750 different food and environmental items tested
  • ​ 100 Nutritional Items tested
  • ​​ 100 Metals + Toxins tested
A food sensitivity or "intolerance" happens when our body has difficulty digesting certain foods. We then experience symptoms like inflammation, bloatedness, weight gain and much more. In order to alleviate your symptoms we must identify which food items are causing these symptoms.